What is Cold Brew Coffee?

New Zealand is a country that runs on coffee. It's a national obsession and is such a key part in many peoples day. Coffee for most is a hot beverage that can be pure black, flat whited, sweetened, flavoured, instant, poured over, filtered, the list goes on. However if we did want a cold option, hey lets just throw some ice in it.

Well that's about to change. Bring in "Cold Brew Coffee".

Cold Brew is the unique method of producing a sensational cold coffee without the standard hot shot and ice combo.

Simply put, Cold Brew is a slow, cold extraction where ground coffee steeps in water for an extended period of time, anything between 12 and 24hrs. What this does is pull all those amazing flavours from the bean, but because it is cold, doesn't release any of the bitter oils and acidity that a hot extraction does.

This handcrafted brewing method therefore produces a coffee that is incredibly smooth and deliciously full flavoured.