Our Cold Brew

With the goal of being New Zealand's premium Cold Brew Coffee producer, we constantly strive to bring you the best cold brew coffee possible.

At Banks we use only specially selected, locally roasted Coffee beans, premium filtered water and the best time money can buy. We then grind and steep the coffee for nearly a whole day depending on the brew. That's it. No additives, no extras, no whatevers, Simple, pure, clean and delicious.

Ready to Drink


Packaged in our distinctive flat 200ml bottles, these are the showpiece of our Cold Brew Coffee range.

At Banks we focus purely on Single Origin Beans. Brewed to be delicate and light on the palette, we do everything we can to accentuate the distinctive flavour differences of each origin. This allows you the unique choice of enjoying either the rich chocolate notes of a Colombian, to the floral, fruity notes of an Ethiopian. And hopefully a few more choices soon. 

All of these can be enjoyed straight over ice, add a splash of cream or mix with lemonade, soda or tonic water, and a slice of citrus for a special afternoon cocktail.

And we're sure there will more choices coming soon.




With a bold brew that brings out rich cocoa and chocolate tasting notes, we have developed this strong concentrate to go with pretty much anything. This brew allows you to 'have it your way' both in how you use it and how strong you want it.

A few serving suggestions:

With added water and heated for the smoothest long black.

With milk or non dairy over ice for your 2pm coffee fix

Shot added to your morning smoothie

Straight shot for that ultimate pre workout

Of course as the base ingredient to the popular Cold Brew Martini.

Available in our 500ml bottle option.


Nitro Cold Brew


Nitro is the glamour brew where we infuse our Ready to Drink with food grade nitrogen gas to bring the most eye catching beverage. This creates the wow factor with beautifully cascading beverage and a superbly creamy textured mouth feel. The infused nitrogen creates an almost dairy added sensation and just highlights everything that is already good about our brew.

Served at markets, cafes and special events.